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Keep the children happy

If flight times and trips permit drive at night. Pack sleeping children in the car with a comfy pillow start your trip. Hopefully you will have reached your destination before they wake, making a peaceful and stress-free journey.

Its always a good idea to take the children's favourite stuffed toy or cosy blanket, especially for babies and toddlers. Although on holiday they are in a place they don't know...so take a little bit of home along with you.

Nobody likes the pressure of take-off or landing and children just don't understand what is going on. Pack boiled sweets and pass them around just before, it does help and eases the pressure. Babies and toddlers could be given a feed at this time.

Careful eating. On a trip, everyone will need optimum energy, so pack healthy snacks for the car or plane like fruit, juices, whole-grain products, etc. Try not to indulge in nutritionally poor fast food. It'll zap your energy and your wallet.

Once there designate an area of the villa/hotel room for quiet time...it is your holiday too!

Warn children of the dangers, they are in a different place and will want to explore. All children are attracted to water, make sure that patio doors are locked at all times, when you are not there.

If you are planning a long trip while on vacation pack a goody bag with juice, treats and a book or two. It will keep the children happy and quiet until you arrive at your destination

It is wise to invest in a pocket first aid kit, you can buy them for just a few pounds and they are small enough to fit in a handbag or rucksack

Hints and tips
Take game boy for the older kids, it keeps them amused on the plane for hours.

There is always a shaded area at the pool side where the kids can play when not in the water.
If you have a baby you can put it to sleep for its afternoon nap and still enjoy the pool, you can still see the sleeping child....much better than a hotel where someone has to go up to the room.

Take a set of clothes to change into on arrival - Shorts and T-shirt - especially if you go in the winter and have boarded in the UK in fairly heavy clothes. Shorts and T-shirts take up no room at all and it makes you feel fresh after the flight

If you have small non swimming children with you, try to find a villa to rent that has pool alarms on the patio doors to the pool deck. All new villas have to have these by law as do older villas which have recently been re-licensed.